03. February 2016 Random 0
Be sure to check this one out! Many, many posts there reiterating why I left Facebook. Share yours there, and here in the comments! Have a few minutes to kill? Why not read these too? Breaking up with Facebook Bear with me please!!

Breaking up with Facebook

01. February 2016 Family, Random 0
Breaking up with Facebook
I decided that it’s time for me to kick Facebook to the curb.  I’ve toyed with the idea a few times before, but it never stuck.  I mean, I run a business so I need Facebook, right?  And my homeschool group has amazing resources.  And my team group!  Support is SOOO crucial!  And I’m an admin ...

I may just be the flakiest blogger ever…

07. April 2015 Random 0
Four months?  It has taken me FOUR MONTHS to get in here and post an update for you all.  I miss this little chunk of the interwebz.  But, alas, I am 38.5 weeks pregnant with baby number 5 (SURPRISE!) and have not the brain capacity to write something worthy of you reading it. I’ll be ...

I’m still around. November was crazy!

16. December 2014 Random 0
Thanks to everyone who has been wondering where I am, the month of November was HUGE for me.  My husband and I decided that I would work towards a personal goal with my Lilla Rose business and promote to manager.  Well, that meant a TON of work – parties, events, team motivation and support, reviews ...

Down with the sickness…

07. November 2014 Random 0
It’s been a LONG two weeks.  I’m finally starting to feel a bit better and will be back to the regular blogging schedule.  I am SOOO ready to be over this cold.  I’m having a hard time staying on-task and following a coherent train of thought, hence the lack of posts.  But, I’ll be back ...

I made tasty, tasty bread!!!

I made tasty, tasty bread!!!
  After walking astray I came back to my friend Melissa’s awesomesauce sourdough bread recipe. I was certain it would fail like every other recipe I have tried, but it didn’t! I also learned that my mixer has a very narrow window between too much and too little dough. Hoping it’s not a fluke and ...

Taking back the reins!!

13. June 2014 Random 0
Things have been CHAOS for so long.  We’ve been in “survival” mode for a while now and I need control.  So back to planning! The Plan We are following the cleaning/organizing plan Tsh Oxenrider suggests in Organized Simplicity, and the first area to tackle is the Living Room.  We took some time and re-arranged the ...


18. May 2014 Random 0
I got my software updated, prepare for new posts! Have a few minutes to kill? Why not read these too? No related posts.

Did absence make the heart grow fonder?

18. January 2014 Random 0
Did absence make the heart grow fonder?
Absence – the state of being away from a place or person.  Or a blog. Absence.  That word looks odd spelled out, but the computer assures me it is spelled correctly. Absence was needed.  Time to focus on other things, to see if this whole blogging thing really was for me.  I missed it.  I thought ...

I’m back!!!

11. December 2013 Random 0
I’m back!!!
Nothing like a dead computer to bring the blogging to a screeching halt, right? But, it is fixed! And so much more awesome than before.  So expect to be hearing more from me! Have a few minutes to kill? Why not read these too? Anyone got a cement truck?