2016 is the year we get a plan to tackle debt…

2016 is the year we get a plan to tackle debt…


Along with gazillions of other folks, we’ve got our fair share of debt.  Mostly because we haven’t followed a budget.  We think of something we “need” (or sometimes it really is something we need) and we check the bank balance then we buy it.  But, yeah.  Figuring in upcoming bills and planning for gifts and trips and such gets ruined when one lives that way.

2016 iBank budget graphic


So now, we will be budgeting.  We took Phil Lenahan’s online class through Veritas Financial Ministries.  He’s guidelines are similar to that of Dave Ramsey, with a few differences.  And he ties in the Catholic faith which really helped me sort of “get” what he’s saying.  As someone who has done both programs, I far prefer Phil’s approach and his guidelines, but I do believe either will work.

I’ll keep you updated on the process, but here’s the first tidbit I have for getting your finances under control – bundle.

We just saved over $23/month on our auto insurance by bundling it into the same company where our homeowners insurance is.  Not going to say who we went with, but I can tell you it is NOT one of the companies who claim to save you money.  In fact, we saved money by LEAVING one of those companies.  So on top of saving about $276 a year we also got HIGHER coverage and a small discount on our homeowners insurance as well.

Now we’re one step closer to an emergency fund!

Is saving one of your goals for 2016?  Share your goals and your plan with us so we can keep each other moving!

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