Mothering Sunday

04. March 2016 Faith, Family 0
Mothering Sunday

I just love the treasures Mother Church holds.  And there are just SOOO many I am unfamiliar with.  To add a new one, this arrived today.



And inside…

IMG_1609 IMG_1610





Mothering Sunday




Included with a beautiful note was information on this most beautiful day.   And this arrived just two days before the date, so I have some time to do a bit of preparation!

For those like me who are new to these treasures, here is a post I found on the interwebz:

The book “The Forty Days of Lent for the Christian family” by Teresa Zepeda and Laurie Navar Gill was mentioned in the note, as well as an excerpt, so you can be assured it will be added to my collection soon, as well as the other books in the series.

Not only is mail always a blessing, this arrived on the tail end of my second bout with a tummy bug, one that has left me feeling utterly incapable of this task of motherhood.  Perhaps its more than just the illness, maybe some exhaustion from returning from vacation coupled with winter cabin fever, but for some reason being ill and unable to care for the kids the way I think I should, by using more screen time than normal and having them subsist on bread and eggs for ONE WHOLE DAY, it’s easy for me to just call myself a failure and throw my hands up.

And then I pray.  Why is that always my last step?  I must work on moving it closer to the front of the line.

Then a few whispers from the Holy Spirit let me know that not only can I do this, I AM DOING THIS.  The kids delighted in serving me while I was ill.  My husband got some extra time with the kids while he was home so I could rest. Pretty powerful stuff there.

Then this beauty comes in the mail, celebrating motherhood.  Reminding me to lean on Mother Mary.  She’s telling me that God is giving me all the graces I need to raise these children of His, to help them and my husband (and myself in the process) get to heaven.

To become saints.

Thank you dear friend, thank you.



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