Odds and ends and randomness…

Odds and ends and randomness…
monthly meal plan for Oct for blog
notice the planning just sort of stops…..

This is really hard.  Not only are we trying to re-do our entire budget, but we’re also doing some rearranging of the homestead too.  Prior to this weekend the kiddos all shared a bedroom that was roughly 100 sq feet.  So we made the ultimate parental sacrifice and switched rooms, meaning we need to sell our giant bedroom set.  BUT, if it does sell then that money will go towards our savings which will be really nice to have.  We were also gifted a box of apples that need to be processed right away, and hubster is helping his folks with some projects at their place as well as helping my dad and step-mom at their place.  We’re on week 7 of school and starting to find a bit of a groove, but it’s also raining a bunch so the kiddos are cooped up. Basically, we’re busy.  And this last week has been a free-form madhouse!  I have no meal plan, and I’m barely remembering to pay the bills on time.  I haven’t used my to-do list in who knows how long and it is starting to show.  I really need to get this place organized, like yesterday.  I have a great planner, but haven’t taken the time to crack it open as of late.  I’ll post photos once the rooms are mostly situated to show you what is working for us.  I think it’s time to revive the Small Home series, as most of the “small home” posts I’ve seen lately have nearly twice the space we do, PLUS a garage.

As far as the grocery budget, we’re still on track!  As of right now we have 17.78 left in benefits and a few more WIC vouchers for dry goods, milk, and cheese.  I’m definitely optimistic.  There is no way we could have done this first month without the WIC vouchers.  The savings on cheese alone was a nice little dent.  I’ll have a re-cap at the beginning of next month and sort of look over everything and see what needs changing and what is working.  I will also post everything we bought for the month so it’s in one nice neat little place.  I like order.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at my desk, but I crave organization.

My hope is that this process and sharing our “dirty little secret” will help other people who are on assistance make the most of what they get.  God tells us over and over that we are to help the poor.  God Himself chose Jesus to be born poor, to spend His life poor, then instruct us that when we aide the poor we are aiding Him. I’m really starting to see how His hand is part of this journey.  We are sloooooooooowly learning to trust His providence, and to trust that we will be ok. Our suffering right now is painful, but it’s necessary.  It’s growing pains.  We are moving forward from a life of HORRID stewardship into a life of focus, a life of being stewards of ALL the things God provides for us, not just our finances.  And it hurts.  But we will be stronger when we come out the other side.

Now for the details –

Here is what we’ve bought since the last grocery shop:

2lb butter @4.59/pound – 9.18

Sour Cream – 2.09

Two packages uncooked flour tortillas (less weird stuff that way and I haven’t managed to successfully make sourdough tortillas yet) – 5.34

Total of 16.61


Butter is getting CRAZY expensive for hormone-free options.   I need to try to find a bulk source and buy a bunch of butter to cut up ourselves and freeze.  So is the additive-free sour cream.   Taco night is a LIFESAVER when you don’t have a meal plan.  I still suck at making bread.  But I make awesome pancakes and cookies and muffins and biscuits and dumplings… So I think the issue is my kneading. Experimentation is required, but time is lacking.  I’m planning on watching videos of people making bread in a Kitchenaid and maybe visually I can see what the dough is supposed to look like.

really like pudding.  I think it may be my go-to food during this pregnancy but we’ll see.

And I’m still looking for tasty frugal recipes, so send em over, k?

2 thoughts on “Odds and ends and randomness…”

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    suzy on October 21, 2014 Reply

    ok, I know it sucks, but consider no sour cream for the soft tacos. I’m dairy free and eat mine with just meat and lettuce, sometimes salsa. No butter here, but you can save bacon fat to cook eggs in, use oil in baking instead of butter. Just tell yourself it’s a temporary sacrifice until the finances can allow more healthy splurges. With the bread, hydration is important. Too much flour in a recipe, or too little fat, makes it very stiff and not rise. Too little flour, or too much fat, makes it wet/sticky and won’t rise great. I found that by experimenting with lots of recipes, I found one that worked for us. Try checking out Bread Bible (author Beranbaum?) from the library. Some of her stuff is too fancy/time involved for moms with little kids, but her pizza dough is great, her hearth bread is awesome, her white bread is good. Pay attention to the method and it will teach you a lot about bread baking.

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      Katrina on October 21, 2014 Reply

      You’re not the first person to say skip the sour cream. It’s just sooooo tasty the thought gives me a big ol frowny face. I think I am going to definitely limit it – as in no more glopping a big ol blob onto my baked tater and such. I have so few indulgences right now that if I can keep it I sure would like to. I use coconut oil quite a bit and have been slowly weaning us down on the butter. The last few times we did bacon we saved the drippings and they sure do make some tasty eggs! And thanks for the book recommendation, we have a library trip in the future and I’ll look for it! I really enjoy eating bread and would like to enjoy the process of making it! My friend Melissa has a great bread recipe that I used to use all the time but stopped, so I’m thinking I’ll give it a go tomorrow and see what happens… Wish me luck!

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