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In the span of ONE WEEK we had to do car repairs, take the dog to the vet for surgery, and get hubby a root canal.  One week people!  So I’m here to tell you one thing.  You know how all those financial gurus tell you that you need an emergency fund?  DO IT!!  Do it NOW.

Well, we built one up thanks to the money coming in from my Lilla Rose business. And in the span of 7 days we wiped it out.  And then some.  But, because of that fund we only had to finance hubby’s dental procedure and the vet, not all of it. That right there is why they say to build up your savings first before you work on paying down your debt.

So now we start building it back up again.  Soooo tedious.  But we’ll do it.

Moral of the story?  Life happens.  Some times a WHOLE LOT of life happens.  So scrap that latte and put the $3.50 into savings.  Resist the shiny new planner stamps you found.  Resist the new planner you found.  Or is that just me?  Anyhoo, just resist.  You’ll be so stinking happy you did.

What is your “thing” that you need to resist?

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