Breaking up with Facebook

01. February 2016 Family, Random 0
Breaking up with Facebook

I decided that it’s time for me to kick Facebook to the curb.  I’ve toyed with the idea a few times before, but it never stuck.  I mean, I run a business so I need Facebook, right?  And my homeschool group has amazing resources.  And my team group!  Support is SOOO crucial!  And I’m an admin on another team group so how can I quit???

I know people say it all the time.  They’re done with Facebook.  But three hours later we all come crawling back.

I guess the why is important here.  I’ve finally realized I just can’t control myself with the newsfeed.  I get on to check something/post something and then 15 minutes go by and I still haven’t done the thing I was supposed to do.  And the kids start fighting and I get grumpy with them for getting in trouble when it was my fault because I wasn’t paying attention to them.

And while I was scrolling I would end up calling people idiots for things they share, and some posts would be downright heartbreaking.  And then I stew on those things for the rest of the day.

I keep thinking “am I seriously spending my precious time making myself angry???”  Why am I spending HOURS doing this to myself and those I love?

And yes, there are great resources on there!  There are great people and groups and links and such, but for me it’s just not worth it.

Oh, and the oversharing.  I tend to post/share things in public that really should probably be kept to a tighter circle.  Nothing scandalous or such, but there’s no intimacy on Facebook so i can see how it could be dangerous.

This isn’t real life.  My amazing, crazy, beautiful life is far more interesting.

Or at least it would be if I was actually paying attention to it.

After some counsel from a trusted priest, I am going to maintain my Facebook account for three reasons:

  1. My business.  I will remain active in all my team groups and my private customer group.  It really is a convenient way to stay in touch and share photos and videos and build connections.  I will continue post to my business page as well.
  2. My homeschool groups.  I’m part of two great homeschool groups and one great homemaker group.  I will stay active in those, the resources are incredibly valuable as are the relationships.
  3. My blog Facebook page.  I’ll be there to reply to comments and messages, because I truly feel called to writing this blog.


That’s it.  No scrolling.  No posting.  No sharing.  I am leaving that part behind.  The plan is saying a prayer before i go on Facebook and only going on with a set plan of what I am doing.  No rabbit trails.

I’ve made it through day one, and I think I did pretty good!  I’ll keep you updated.


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