Olivia’s Birth Story

20. January 2016 Family 0
Olivia’s Birth Story

In honor of Olivia’s third birthday, I present you with her birth story.


As with all three previous pregnancies, I had many “false” labors that went nowhere, complete with the midwives spending the night, as all of us were certain the baby would be here soon.  But nope.

The day she was born was the same as all others.  Around noon I called Lorri and said that I thought it would be that day and put her and Adria on standby.  I called again a few hours later as things progressed.  She had appointments that day, which is only fitting, right?  So she called Adria and told her to come on by, since my labors are so ridiculously fast.  

I then called my mom and my sister in law and told everyone to come on over around 5:30, that things were moving along nicely.

My mom showed up at 5:30 and things were really picking up.  Adria showed up shortly after and we started filling the tub.  I got in the tub around 6:00 and my water broke shortly after.

I realized Lorri still wasn’t there, so I did my best to resist the urge to push.  A few minutes later baby’s head was nearly delivered and I saw Lorri pop her head in the door and left to clean up.  She came back, and baby was delivered by Adria at 6:21pm.  Everything else went smoothly and wonderfully. She latched on beautifully and was a super-mellow baby.


Happy birthday baby girl!

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