A bit about Lilla Rose

12. June 2013 Lilla Rose 8
A bit about Lilla Rose

What is Lilla Rose you ask?  A flexi-what?  Well, I’m here to answer your questions!

I became a Lilla Rose consultant in March of 2013 after reading a bunch of positive reviews on various blogs I follow.  They were all raving about this clip – that it was easy to put in, that it STAYED in, that it was comfortable…  I had to see for myself.

Let me tell you this – it is ALL true.  No more pony-tail headaches, no more broken hair ties, no more falling out pony tails, and best of all – NO MORE HAIR FRUMP!  I have been wearing these daily since I signed up and have no complaints so far.

Me being the over-analytical person I am, I had to look into the company and its ethics before I became a consultant.  I was amazed to see how well-made the product is, and from speaking with several consultants I learned that the company’s customer and consultant support was above-and-beyond that of other Direct Sales companies.  They stand behind their product, and offer incredible support to their consultants.

Since I’ve been selling them I am amazed to see firsthand how they work in every hair type – curly, fine, slippery, thick – they can all be styled with one of these clips.

Multi hair type collage Curly Hair Collage



Here’s a quick video showing the clip and how to size it.  Sizing is key with these clips. But because of the way they are made one size can often do a couple styles.  You really need to see these clips in action to fully appreciate them.

The hair bands and you-pins are amazing too.  I’ve always liked hair bands but they usually slide off of my head – even those with the rubber on them that are supposed to be slip-proof.  But these bands don’t budge.  You can ask my sister-in-law, she’ll vouch for them too!

Another benefit for me is that my daughter who HATES having me do her hair actually likes wearing the clips and the hair bands.  That means I have a way to keep her hair out of her face when she’s wrangling chickens, digging in the dirt, or creating her latest masterpiece.

little girls collage

There are also hair sticks, bobby pins, and these awesome pins called you-pins.  The You-Pins are great for holding buns and twists, or for adding a little sparkle to another hairstyle.

Bobby Pins Hair Sticks You-Pins

So in summary, Lilla Rose is awesome.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.  If you like what you see, head on over to Lilla Rose and pick out your favorites and come back here and tell me which ones!

For the time-being I am running a special for new customers – if you buy three items you’ll get a certificate for a free flexi clip.  Please note that this offer is only for customers who have never purchased from Lilla Rose before.


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