Frugal Meals – Best Chili Ever!

07. October 2014 Frugal Meals 1
Ugly picture aside, as far as frugal meals go this one is definitely a winner! Everyone left the table with full bellies and there was over a quart left for hubby to take to work for lunch. I started with the Spicy Meat Chili recipe from Better Than a Box and tweaked it just a bit. Here’s ...

I have a plan, man!

02. October 2014 Homestead 0
I have a plan, man!
So after a break over the summer it has become quite apparent that I miss writing here!  I miss taking photos and I miss sharing how I’m learning to manage our home and our lives.  So a quick update.  We had some MAJOR renovation work done on the outside of our home – new siding ...

Taking back the reins!!

13. June 2014 Random 0
Things have been CHAOS for so long.  We’ve been in “survival” mode for a while now and I need control.  So back to planning! The Plan We are following the cleaning/organizing plan Tsh Oxenrider suggests in Organized Simplicity, and the first area to tackle is the Living Room.  We took some time and re-arranged the ...


18. May 2014 Random 0
I got my software updated, prepare for new posts! Have a few minutes to kill? Why not read these too? No related posts.

ramblings about faith and judgement

08. April 2014 Faith 2
I had someone the other day say they were a “recovering Christian” in a facebook discussion.  I’ve heard that term more times than I can count and typically just brush it off and go about my day.  But this time it stuck with me, and kept popping up.  Why was it haunting me like that? ...

Direct Sales Planner

28. January 2014 Lilla Rose 2
Direct Sales Planner
Lately a bunch of my creative juices have been tied up in creating a direct sales planner for my Lilla Rose business.  I was tired of having random piles of paper and post-it notes and important things written on the backs of envelopes.  Then I’d frantically clean my desk and throw away important notes and ...

Week In review

25. January 2014 Faith, Family, Homestead 0
Week In review
Well, the week is drawing to a close.  It’s been eventful! Monday was Olivia’s birthday and the party was great!  So much fun and we got some great photos. Tuesday morning I realized the transfer cable for the camera is gone.  Can’t find it anywhere. Last weekend our dryer stopped drying.  Again.  So I went ...

Did absence make the heart grow fonder?

18. January 2014 Random 0
Did absence make the heart grow fonder?
Absence – the state of being away from a place or person.  Or a blog. Absence.  That word looks odd spelled out, but the computer assures me it is spelled correctly. Absence was needed.  Time to focus on other things, to see if this whole blogging thing really was for me.  I missed it.  I thought ...