I’m still around. November was crazy!

16. December 2014 Random 0

Thanks to everyone who has been wondering where I am, the month of November was HUGE for me.  My husband and I decided that I would work towards a personal goal with my Lilla Rose business and promote to manager.  Well, that meant a TON of work – parties, events, team motivation and support, reviews and giveaways, etc.  We also had some home projects happening at the same time, meaning no writing for me.  (insert sad panda here)


WELL, I’m proud to say, I GOT THE PROMOTION!!!  I am now a Manager with Lilla Rose and am so happy!  I worked my tail off and so did my team and I”m so stinking proud of everyone!


That being said, the plan for the new year is I am committing to blogging once a week, on Fridays.  There will most likely be other random posts, but this way I will get some posts out there and still keep my sanity trying to balance everything.  Sound like a plan?


Upcoming topics:

Grocery challenge recap and update

Triple bunks for the kiddos

My new fascination with cleaning

Direct Sales tips and tricks

Things to do with the kids when they can’t go outside


Talk at you guys soon!


Oh, if you have a minute, say a prayer for Mary from Passionate Perseverance.  Miss Courtney is likely on her final days and the family could really use our prayers.


God bless!



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